How to Use Digital Health Tools to Lose Weight & Improve Health in 2020

The New Year of 2020 is finally here and many people have a resolution around improving their health and losing some weight. Losing weight can be an exciting resolution, but is often easier said than done. Using digital health tools can be effective for losing weight and improving your wellbeing in 2020.

Use Peleton Digital to Start a Running Routine

Running for at lest 30 minutes per day can be an effective way to burn some calories and improve your health in 2020. I personally enjoy using the Peleton digital app. The app has hundreds of pre-recorded running classes feature running classes for all difficulty levels. The combination of the music and human coach really motivates me to run for an extended periods of time. The app also tracks how many runs you do. Why not set a goal of running 50–100 times with the Peleton app in 2020?

Weigh Yourself Daily With a Fitbit Scale

Studies show that people who weigh themselves daily are more successful at losing weight than those who do not. I personally use the new Fitbit scale which syncs via Bluetooth to my Fitbit app. Setting a goal of losing five percent of your weight is typically a great idea because this amount of weight loss has been shown to cut your risk for developing conditions such as diabetes by more than half. For a 200 pound person, this would be losing ten pounds and reaching 190 pounds.

Track Your Food

Studies also show that people who track their food are more successful at losing weight than those who do not. There are a few digital health options that I find to work best here. Apps like Fitbit and MyFitness Pal can be effective for those who are interested in tracking daily calorie intake. For those that might need the help of a professional, check out Fruit Street which offers you a virtual dietitian via video conferencing. One awesome feature of the Fruit Street app is that you can track your daily fruit and vegetable servings while taking pictures of your food. Most people only have 1–2 servings of fruits and veggies in a day, but you should really try to have five or more.

Meal Delivery Apps & Websites

Meal delivery apps and websites can be a helpful part of any weight loss journey. I am personally trying a new plant-based meal delivery service in 2020 called Purple Carrot. Plant based diets have significant health benefits. If you’re not ready for plant based eating, try the Blue Apron meal kit delivery service. With both of these services, they will deliver to you all the ingredients you need to cook at home. Another useful app is Instacart which can be used to delivery healthy groceries.

Try a Fitbit or Apple Watch

Wearing a Fitbit or Apple Watch can be useful to track your physical activity throughout the day. You might consider setting a daily step goal ranging from 10–20,000 steps per day. Both of these products also have a nice feature that reminds you to stand up periodically and walk.

Meditation for Sleep and Mental Health

An often overlooked part of health is mental health and stress management. I recommend using meditation apps such as Head Space and Calm to develop a habit of meditation. Calm also has a unique “bedtime story” feature that has soothing bedtime stories that can help you fall asleep at night.

Hopefully these digital health tools will help you achieve your goals in the New Year!



CEO & Founder at Fruit Street Health

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Laurence Girard

Laurence Girard

CEO & Founder at Fruit Street Health